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The Right Place in the Universe for Your Brands

Made in Mars Inc. is a company based in the United States that works in collaboration with manufacturers of skateboards, longboards, cruiser boards, and surf crafts for discerning customers all over the world. At the heart of our business is the idea of working with top-end board brands to make dreams come true by delivering impeccable quality products.

Our Products

Who Are Our Customers?

We have a broad group of customers for specific consumers, who range in age, sex, and location (Individual Customers). Retail stores make up the majority of our clientele, and we classify our clients into these categories:

  1. Retail Customers – Stores
  2. EDI – Dunham, Walmart, Amazon – Vendors
  3. Individual customers – Online Customers

What We Offer?

We offer some of the best traditional brands and collaborated with pioneers of the skate, surf, and board industry in re-aligning the best of our authentic components with great fresh art and new technology for a high-quality, affordable product more valid than ever.

We welcome any challenge in each step that brought us a couple of product breakthroughs while maintaining environmental standards and sound business principles that ensure ROI for our partners and investors.

At Made in Mars, we especially enjoy when a rider is co-creating with us and always welcome their raw inputs and creative ideas because our company believes that one size never fits all. Most of all, we hope you always enjoy the ride as much as we do!

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